Cummins Engine Business
By Charoen Yont Thai Pattana Co., Ltd.
CYT has started from selling
Cummins spare parts and
engines with repair services
for Cummins engines using with fishing boats. We value
the customer’s satisfaction as our priority, we have served
and offered our customers with good quality products,
worthwhile price and investment, including fast
and professional repair services.
We have promoted the integration
of knowledge
and experience of employees to raise standards of performance
and service which we have considered as the strength
of our organization.
CYT has operated with the vision
of achieving mutual success
among businesses, employees and customers and adheres to
the principles of good governance, honesty, and straight
forwardness in business operations.
Our long term goal is to make the company sustainably known
and recognized as a part of Cummins engine expert.
Cummins Engine is a high-quality
power engine which is used in various applications.
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